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Alibaba, which dominates e-commerce in China, is going abroad as its home market matures. Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma has said the company plans to serve two billion customers world-wide within a decade. Executives hope to turn China's Nov.
Normally when someone says, 'Thanks for XYZ,' I can just say, 'You're welcome.' But in this case that sort of rings flat. If people could just find a way to make it easier and more conversational to respond when they thank a veteran for their service ...
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New England Patriots (12-4) – Get a first-round bye week; home-field unless they play Broncos in playoffs. Won AFC East. 3. Cincinnati Bengals (11-5) – They don't get a first-round bye after the Patriots won. Won AFC North. The Bengals host the ...
The 2014 NFL playoff picture has revealed itself, and the path to Super Bowl XLVIII has become clear for all 12 teams fortunate enough to still be in contention after a wild 2013 regular season. Of course, this road is not equal for each hopeful ...
Hong Kong, one of the world's most important financial hubs, has exploded into protest. Since Sunday night, the so-called “umbrella revolution” has turned the city's gleaming central business district into a virtual conflict zone, replete with shouting ...
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We met Shaun Key last Memorial Day as he held an American flag on the side of North Indian Trail Road. This Memorial Day he returned to the streets to honor fallen heroes.
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DES MOINES, Iowa – John Sposeto is a Des Moines man and Vietnam War veteran who says he remembers when people didn't respect those who laid their lives on the line for the nation's freedom. “I remember when the Vietnam War was over – I served ...
Yesterday, on the eve of Armistice Day, strapping Royal Marine Tristan Sykes and little Molly Marsh presented two very different faces of courage as they ...
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When the New York Times reported last week that President Trump was considering a major staff shake-up, noting that he was “increasingly dissatisfied” with Sean Spicer's performance in particular, Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle lost no time in ...
Kimberly Guilfoyle didn't start rumors she was going to replace Sean Spicer as White House Press Secretary - but she isn't exactly stifling them either!
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba often gets mentioned as Amazon's main competitor, but Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma doesn't believe it's a fair comparison. He says the two companies run on completely different models, and if anything, ...
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Say what you want about Tiger Woods (and I've read the comments section so I know you will) he has always been one of the biggest supporters of the United States military in all of sports. Woods' dad, Earl, was a lieutenant colonel in the United States ...